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CRISTINA DIAZ MORENO_AMID (cero9)_Architect_Spain www.cero9.com
Cristina Díaz Moreno and Efrén García Grinda are Diploma Unit Masters of Diploma 5 at the AA (Architectural Association) in London where they are developing Third Natures and Associated Professors at Escuela Superior de Arte y Arquitectura of Universidad Europea (UEM) since 1998, after teaching in several schools across the world. Their office AMID (cero9) was established in 1997 as cero9 and change into AMID in 2003 and its current name is Amid.cero9. Recent projects include the Cherry Blossom Pavilion in Jerte Valley, Spain, shown at the 12th Biennale di Venezia, Diagonal 80 building in San Augustín del Guadalix, Madrid, Golden Balloon for MOT Tokyo and Giner de los Ríos Foundation, Madrid.


ANDREA BARTOLI_FARM CULTURAL PARK_Notary_ www.farm-culturalpark.com
Andrea Bartoli was born in Catania, he attended the Faculty of Law, and comes close to the contemporary art world thanks to his brother Ercole, collector and President of the Bartoli Fletter Foundation. Since 2000 there FARM, charming hotel that soon becomes the natural home of many artists and over time it has given space to the promotion of young talents and contemporary art exhibition by famous artist such as Terry Richardson. In 2010 FARM Cultural Park opens its doors.


LUCA EMANUELI_SEALINElab_Architect_Italy www.sealine.altervista.org
Luca Emanueli, founded luca emanueli architetti with Carlo Ruyblas Lesi, Gianni Lobosco e Barbara Stefani. PhD in Architectural Technology, he is Director of Sealine - research laboratory of the Architectural Department of the University of Ferrara - where he currently teaches. Invited to IX and XI Biennale di Architettura di Venezia: 2004 Padiglione italiano - Notizie dall'Interno, 2008 Padiglione italiano. In 2007 he published to-replace.bz (Bologna, Damiani, 2007). In 2010, with Mario Lupano and Marco Navarra published Lo-Fi Architecture - architecture as curatorial practice (Venezia, Marsilio, 2010). Sealine center is born to study and propose solutions for a sustainable growth of costal environments: a view from the sea (the dynamic, fluid and liquid side) to the land (still, dry)Sealine is a reservoir of ideas, a research group that brings together professionals from different disciplines, academics, entrepreneurs, politicians in order to develop scientific research and innovative projects. Sealine is an independent think tank, financed by the public and private corporations with specific intellectual purposes.


EVA FRANCH GILABERT_STOREFRONT_Architect_NY www.eva-franch.com
Eva Franch i Gilabert is an architect, founder of OOAA (office of architectural affairs). Her work constitutes the practice of architecture through building, curating, drawing and writing. In 2010 she became the Director of Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York, a nonprofit organization that through a program of exhibitions, projects, events and publications is committed to the advancement of innovative positions in architecture, art, design and the built environment. Franch studied at ETS Arquitectura Barcelona where she received her Master in Architecture with Honors in 2003, at TU Delft and at Princeton University where she received the Suzanne Kolarik Underwood Prize, the Howard Crosby Fellowship and her M.Arch II degree in 2007. Franch is a recipient of the La Caixa fellowship, the FAD prize for emerging architects, a Pasajes-iGuzzini prize, a Dragados Foundation prize and she has been a fellow at Schloss Solitude. Franch has taught at UB as the Peter Reyner Banham Fellow (07-08) and at Rice University (08-10) as the Master Thesis Studio Director. Franch has lectured and exhibited internationally. Franch's work draws on sensorial archeologies of cultural, political, social, technological and formal realms in addressing contemporary and future imaginaries.



Grima closed his début editorial with the statement, "Our ambitions (as architects) must be greater than to become the voluntary prisoners of the architecture reserves. We must reclaim the city as an unfinished project, a realm of unending possibility: at the risk of soiling it, the Absolute architecture must be brought back into the kitchen." Domus was founded in 1928 by Gio Ponti, Domus magazine remains one of the most authoritative voices in the fields of architecture and design – an internationally recognised platform of excellence for innovative thinking and influential criticism.


KAMIEL KLAASSE_NL Architects_Architect_Holland

Kamiel Klaasse is principal of NL Architects Architecture is the medium through which we hope to contribute to the understanding of contemporary culture -and to its development. We understand architecture as the speculative process of investigating, revealing and reconfiguring the wonderful complexities of the world we live in. Can we compress banality into beauty; squeeze the sublime out of the obvious? How can we transform, twist, bend, stack, stretch, enhance or reassemble the components that constitute our environment into new and better configurations? Often the projects focus on ordinary aspects of everyday life, including the unappreciated or negative, that are enhanced or twisted in order to bring to the fore the unexpected potential of the things that surround us. By sampling existing fragments of reality and recombining them, gluing bits and pieces together into new coherent arrangements, our architecture can be understood as The Remix of Reality: the architect as Deejay.


GEOFF MANAUGH_BLDG BLOG_Curator, writer_USA bldgblog.blogspot.com
Geoff Manaugh is the author of BLDGBLOG, former senior editor of Dwell magazine, and a contributing editor at Wired UK. He is currently co-director of Studio-X NYC, an off-campus event space and urban futures think tank run by the architecture department at Columbia University. "BLDGBLOG is not an architecture blog, but a website about spatial ideas found everywhere from science fiction novels to specialty journals in the planetary sciences and from U.S. war planning reports to Hollywood film."


MARCO NAVARRA_NOWA_Architect_Italy www.studionowa.com
Born in Caltagirone in 1963. He is an associate professor of Architecture Composition and Urban Planning at the School of Architecture in Siracusa and Principal of studioNOWA.
The office has been practising the Architecture Project for many years as a unique occasion of transformation of urban waste into resources for cities and territories.
NOWA works on an idea of extreme architecture practiced on its ground zero in order to respond to boundary conditions concerning economics, constraints and programs. Its intervention fields range from the living unit to public buildings, from architecture to landscape, in a weave between research and work.


LORI NIX_photographer_NY
Lori Nix is a New York based photographer who specializes in constructing dioramas and photographing the results.
"I am fascinated, maybe even a little obsessed, with the idea of the apocalypse. In addition to my childhood experiences with natural disasters, I also grew up watching 1970s films known as "disaster flicks". I remember watching Towering Inferno, Earthquake, Planet of Apes and sitting in awe in the dark. Here was the same type of dangers I had experienced day to day being magnified and played out on the big screen in a typical Hollywood way. Each of these experiences has greatly influenced my photographic work. The series Accidentally Kansas explored my personal experience with the natural disasters of my childhood. The City postulates what it would be like to live in a city that is post man-kind, where man has left his mark by the architecture, but mother nature is taking back these spaces. Flora, fauna and insects mix with the detris of high and low culture."


FRANCOIS ROCHE_new-territories / R&Sie(n) - [eIf/b^t/c]_Architect_www.new-territories.com
François Roche was born on February 25, 1961 in Paris. He studied in Chalon-sur-Saône, and afterward entered scientific preparatory school in Lyon. He left that school prior to graduating, and enrolled at the school of architecture of Versailles. He graduated from this school in 1988. He founded an organization, the name of which changed several times between 1989 and 2001: BoyeRoche (1989); Roche (1990); Roche & François (1991); Roche, Francois, Lewis, Huber, Roubaud, Perrin (1992); Roche, DSV & Sie (1993–97); R, DSV & Sie. P (1998); R & Sie. D/B: L (1999–2001); R&Sie(n) (2001 to present). Their name R&Sie (n) is resulting from the contraction of the group, but it seems that this name refers to RSI, the event "Real, Symbolic, Imaginary" of Jacques Lacan in 1972. The pronunciation "heresy" which seems completely fortuitous, launched by Bruce Sterling via its Wired review in 2006, finishes by him (their) sticking to the skin. François Roche openened in 2011 the studio [eIf/bt/c], "institute of contingents scenario", associated with Camille Lacadee, based à BKK.


ITALO ROTA_Architect_Italy

Italo Rota, was born in 1953 in Milan and graduated in Architecture from the Milan Polytechnic. d'Orsay and the Centre Beaubourg in Paris. In 1990 he initiated the planning of the Centre for Post-Graduate Studies at Columbia University. His return to Italy - since 1996 he has been living in Milan - marked the beginning of a highly creative phase including projects that ranged from museum installations and the Maison Cavalli (the showroom cafés in Miami, Milan and Moscow) to a series of interest architecture, fashion and design enthusiasts. Among the recent projects: the renovation of Palazzo Forcella - De Seta and the Marine Station at the harbour in Palermo; a Hindu temple and a private mansion in Bombay; a series of squares and public spaces in different Italian cities and the project for the new Museum of Modern Art at the Arengario in Milan.
In Spain he signed the Exhibition Pavillon 'Ciudades de Agua" for Expo Saragoza 2008.


YOSHIHARU TSUKAMOTO_Atelier BOW-WOW_architect_Japan www.bow-wow.jp
Yoshiharu Tsukamoto was born in 1965. He studied architecture at Tokyo Institute of Technology, gradua ting from his undergraduate degree in 1987. Tsukamoto travelled to Paris to be a guest student at L'Ecole d'Architecture de Belleville from 1987–88 and in 1994 he completed a Doctor of Engineering program at Tokyo Institute of Technology. Through a number of research project, Japanese architect Yoshiharu Tsukamoto, with Momoyo Kaijima, has established himself as theoretical urbanist. Under the rubric Atelier BOW-WOW, the partners have studied the uniquely Japanese urban phenomenon of interstitial spaces being taken over by strange yet vitally functional buildings that are regarded as marginal by mainstream Japanese architects but have provided the Western audience with a critical and analytic point of viewnecessary to untangle the nature of Tokio's caotic growth.

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